USED Cannonball T1998 Tenor Saxophone - 1025XX (T1998 - 1025XX)

USED Cannonball T1998 Tenor Saxophone - 1025XX
Model# T1998 - 1025XX

Price: $1,895.00

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USED Cannonball T1998 Tenor Saxophone - 1025XX


  • Manufactured: 1997-1998, Salt Lake City, UT (Parts and body crafted and assembled in Taiwan, then sent to SLC for customization and adjusting)
  • Range: High F#
  • Key: Bb
  • Material: All brass
  • Finish: Clear lacquer
  • Mouthpiece: 2 included, Cannonball 7 & another unmarked mpc
    • Both include ligature & cap. 
  • Case: Original hard shell Cannonball case

Sometimes referred to as the "Knight Model" saxophone, the Cannonball T1998 Tenor Saxophone is one of Cannonball's earliest and most popular professional saxophones. Despite being a fairly young brand, Cannonball has gained notoriety as a reliable and affordable manufacturer of quality woodwind instruments. Production begins in their 2 factories in Taiwan, and then instruments are shipped to their home base near Salt Lake City for customization and re-regulating. 

From Cannonball: "The most important thing about Cannonball is the acoustical customizing that we do to every horn. Yes our horns are beautiful, yes our horns are well made, but we also want them to play great. That's why we have specially trained and talented acoustical adjusters to work on each of our horns. Cannonball's saxophone adjusters work on each sax until they are satisfied that the horn has fluent altissimo, rich lows, even timbre, full-bodied sound, and in-line overtones. Every trumpet is prepared to slot well and play with clarity and full, acoustic resonance. Each clarinet hand-finished for intonation, full throat tones, warmth, vibrancy and projection. And all flutes are individually adjusted for a responsive lip plate with optimal air flow and a full, rich, and resonant sound."

This T1998 Tenor in particular is in wonderful shape, especially for being 20 years old. Top to bottom, its engravings are still fully intact, as is all of the lacquer on the instrument. It's clear that this instrument was very lightly used, the only wear we can find on the instrument are a few minor scratches on the bow (common for any sax at any age). On the case, the leather wrap around one of its handles is beginning to wear out, so that may need replacing at some point in its future, but the rest of the case is in fantastic shape. When this tenor arrived here, our professional saxophone technician had to made a few adjustments to get everything sealing properly, and all of the keys were cleaned and polished. This sax is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable, beautiful-sounding tenor sax. Stop by soon to check it out before someone takes it home first! 

T1998 - 1025XX
T1998 - 1025XX
T1998 - 1025XX
T1998 - 1025XX
T1998 - 1025XX
T1998 - 1025XX

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