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Used Yamaha YSS-875B Soprano Saxophone - 0061XX
Used Yamaha YSS-875B Soprano Saxophone - 0061XX (Used YSS-875B 0061XX)

Yamaha YSS-875B Soprano Saxophone - 0061XX

  • Black Lacquer Finish
  • Drawn Tone Holes
  • Hand Engraved Bell
  • Includes both Straight & Curved necks
  • Includes Yamaha 4CM Mouthpiece
  • Includes original Yamaha case

The Yamaha YSS-875B is the direct predecessor of the Yamaha's current model YSS-875EX.  This instrument is very similar to the current EX model, though without the high G.  This soprano saxophone is a terrific high end sax.  This sax competes with the best Selmer and Keilwerth soprano saxes made today.  It's hard to go wrong with a high end instrument like this!

This instrument has been serviced by our professional saxophone repair technician.  It's in immaculate condition.

Visit Horn Stash today to try this superb Yamaha YSS-875B Soprano Saxophone!

List Price: $0.00 Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Price: $3,750.00 $3,750.00 (Save $-3,750.00) Model Number: Used YSS-875B 0061XX

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